Generate syntax for correlations between variables.

cors(x, ...)



Object for which a method exists. If x is an object of class tidy_sem, then correlations between all observed and latent variables in the data dictionary of that object are computed, by default. If x is a character vector, all elements of the vector are used.


Optional additional character vectors of variables to be correlated. If x is an object of class tidy_sem, then up to two vectors can be provided. If x is a vector, then one more optional vector can be provided. When no additional vectors of variable names are provided, only the correlations among the elements of x are returned.


An object of class tidy_sem.


dict <- tidy_sem(c("bfi_1", "bfi_2", "bfi_3", "bfi_4", "bfi_5"))
cors(dict, c("bfi_1", "bfi_2"))
#> A tidy_sem object
#> v    $dictionary
#> o    $data
#> v    $syntax